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AllRent.Ru is a project designed by DataHouse to help users in the world of real estate. AllRent.Ru offers free information about real estate market in Moscow and other cities of Russia. 

Any person or agency can insert application about purchase, sale, rent or lease of any object of the real estate. We offer our services in apartments, office space, country houses, industrial premise, storage place, building, land or garage rent and sale. System allows you to enter the important parameters which describe your object and server AllRent.Ru will arrange a preliminary examination of the properties along with compiling the most comprehensive database of the premises offered for lease and sale. Registration on AllRent.Ru takes less then one minute. 

Also AllRent.Ru offers free-of-charge version of bestseller of Russian real estate software - AllRent Lite. AllRent Lite is a software for real estate agency which assisting in day-to-day operations. It has advanced reporting and control tools, several functional modules giving organizations an opportunity to choose and easily deploy only the ones that are required. The core system is built on MSDE database platform.

We can implement any concept to your benefit and our applications are based on the latest IT technologies. DataHouse offers a wide range of software-related services in the real estate field. We deliver turnkey solutions, implementation support and maintenance. 

If you have any questions or would like to get more information about AllRent.Ru feel free to contact us.

This solution provides: 

  • Web site of the agency 

  • A module for administration of the Web site 

  • Database server for the agency 

  • Clients modules for employees of the agency

  • Clients modules for remote individual realtors

  • Database server interface to web site 

For a web site

  • Searching offers in a web database

  • Posting offers in a web database 

  • High level of detail search

  • Interaction with agency database

  • Forum

  • Additional services 

  • The system of automatic notification for registered users 

  • User profile 

  • Record-keeping of the given services

Advertising system of a Web site 

  • Banners advertising 

  • Text advertising 

  • Full control over advertising companies on a Web site

  • Allocation banners on external sites 

System of administration of a Web site

  • Review and easy editing of the web database

  • Statistics 

  • Modification of the database structure 

  • Operation with the system of the messages and notifications for the users 

Support of the remote access

  • Operation with the remote realtors 

  • Synchronization of the information in databases 

  • Record-keeping of the given services 

 Technical specification:

    • Internet Information Server 5.0

    • Active Server Pages

    • Active Data Object (ADO)

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (or other)

    • Sample at www.allrent.ru in Russian Language

  • Administration module

    • Internet Information Server 5.0

    • Active Server Pages

    • Active Data Object (ADO)

  • Remote access for brunches and other agency

    • Windows 95/98/Me/Nt4/2000

    • Application AllRent SQL

    • Database - MS SQL 7/2000, Ms Access (or other)

    • multi-users version

  • Remote access for employers

    • Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000

    • Application AllRent Lite

    • Database - MS Access

 Overall schema:








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