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Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 is a family of products that meet the data storage and analysis requirements of the largest data processing systems and commercial Web sites. The same products can provide easy-to-use data storage and analysis services to an individual or small business. SQL Server 2000 offers:

  • A modern relational database engine that can scale from running on an individual desktop to running the largest Web sites. SQL Server 2000 is integrated with Microsoft Windows® 2000 failover clusters to provide exceptionally reliable data servers, and integrated with Windows 2000 authentication and encryption to implement secure systems.

  • Integration into the Microsoft data access environment. SQL Server 2000 provides native support for ADO, OLE DB, and ODBC. SQL Server also introduces integrated support for Web-based application development, supporting HTTP access using URLs, and returning data as XML documents.

  • An integrated set of Analysis Services tools for performing complex data analysis and data mining of data warehouses.

  • Replication services, which allow sites to place copies of data on multiple computers to improve overall system performance while keeping the data synchronized.

  • Data Transformation Services (DTS) that make it easier to build OLAP data warehouses. DTS provides powerful services that allow records of individual transactions to be transformed into summary information stored in a data warehouse.

  • English Query, which applications can use to answer ad-hoc user questions. When given a string containing a question about the data in a database or data warehouse, English Query returns an SQL or MDX statement that can be run to get the answer.

  • Full-Text Search, which extends the pattern matching capabilities of SQL Server 2000 beyond the simple pattern matching available in the SQL language, including searches in files stored outside of SQL Server databases.

  • Meta Data Services, which provide facilities for storing, viewing, and retrieving descriptions of the objects in your applications and system.




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